Provide the following activities

We conduct our activities in the mornings and afternoons because that is when the temperatures are cooler which means animals are likely to be active. The midday is for lunch and resting. So in a day you will be able to do 2 activities.

Our activities are as follows.

Mokoro Excursions

This is Botswana ‘s unique mode of transport. There’s no other place in Africa where you can experience this most tranquil activity, it can only be in the Okavango Delta.

Boat Cruise

This is one of the special water activities that we doing, cruising through the narrow channels of the Okavango Delta is the most fulfilling experience ever.

Game Drive

This will be the primary activity of your entire Safari. Your guide will take in the open safari vehicle to look for animals.
We always Night Drives in some other places where it’s allowed like Khwai Area.

Walking Safaris

This is the most fulfilling activity one can ever embark on! a very quiet way to explore the wilderness, it gives an opportunity to look for microscopic life that you can easily pass when doing other kinds of activities. You don’t only explore nature, you become PART of it!
We conduct our walks from our campsite in Khwai

Cultural Experience

We found a missing puzzle to your Botswana Safari. For ages the cultural experience has been overlooked and we believe it’s unfair for our guests to leave the country without the taste of this.
Botswana is culturally rich and diverse but we will focusing on Etsha 6 Village for our cultural showcase. We chose Etsha 6 because the people are still attached to their roots. Here the people live and embrace their culture on daily basis. You will meet with villagers and hear the stories they have to tell. Dancing and singing is always part of this.