Passports with appropriate visas(be sure to check visa requirements for your nationality when planning your trip and note that for most African countries you require at least 3 blank pages and more than 6 months validity on your passport and other important documents (kept separate from the original.

note that it is important to keep your language to a manageable size when travelling on safari, due to logistical space constraints, generally we recommend you to travel with a soft “duffel “or back pack style bag, with a weight restriction of 12-15kg .Please do not bring hard edged (samsonite)suitcases as they will not fit in the vehicle trailer. This is more importance if you are flying in light aircraft for any stage of your journey. They are very strict for safety and logistical reasons and you are not permitted over 15kg or hard/large suitcases. Should you wish to bring excess luggage please contact us to discuss options.


Camera(the quality of camera and appropriate lens depends on your photographic interests-contact us if you need recommendations. Spare batteries/memory cards for camera. Camera cleaning equipment and dust proof soft sided bag for the camera. Battery charger for cigarette lighter, USB charger, two pin plug,3 pin plug (recharging in the vehicle).Quality binoculars, flashlight, reading material, pen, paper, playing cards optional locks for your luggage on commercial flights.


1pair light weight slacks/pants 2pairs shots, windproof/warm jacket (in rainy season ensure it is water proof. 6 shirts,4 shots sleeved,sweater,1pair comfortable walking shoes,1protection hat/sunglass/sunscreen, lip balm, for winter months beanie/scarf and gloves.


Personal toiletries (deodorant/shampoo/brush/moisturizer toothbrush and paste, insect repellent, bandages, aspirin, anti diarrhoea medicine/dehydration salts, antiseptic cream. The guide will carry a full medical kit-please just bring your personal preferences. Tissues/moist towel and any prescribed medicines.

-Botswana private mobile operator sites
These sites are situated within the national parks and game reserves in Botswana and are for exclusive use of licensed professional Botswana operators. The sites are pure wilderness sites, generally in idyllic locations. The are no facilities and camps is totally self-sufficient-we bring our own camping equipment, water, shower ,toilet and food. There is code of conduct for all operators using these sites and they are self maintained, no littering, coals, holes to be left behind. Please note that these areas are unfenced and have no electricity. They offer a wilderness experience uninterrupted and pure, these is the beauty of what Botswana can offer-t, no people, no industrial noise just in the wilderness, open sky where the star shine brightly undimmed by city lights.

The sites are situated in community areas adjacent to national parks that are classified as photographic wilderness areas. They are similar to the BOGA sites but the rules of the community areas are more flexible than those in game reserve and park-driving

Driving is permitted after dark which allows night drives, walking safaris which is permitted within safety parameters-some of these sites offer completely privacy in remote location other sites are in close range to other sites.

For Comprehensive and updated information on what you need to travel to Botswana, please refer to Botswana Tourism Organization by clicking here